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My second book in the Manfred Schmidt Series, is out in print.


Manny’s always got something to prove. Whether it’s to the world or himself, he never stops trying to validate his identity.

Follow our hero as he:
• Returns to New Hampshire and throws himself back into college
• Travels out west, in search of adventure and himself
• Enters manhood fitfully, determined to balance his desire with his ambition
• Rekindles his romance with Democratic Party

 The  Ebook versions coming soon.


Deacon Blues

Jolted by an arrested adolescence, Manfred Schmidt is a lonely teenager who craves for belonging and respect. His unconscious rage and forming identity are fused together at a time when a new leader is offering hope to a troubled, post-Watergate nation. He takes on Jimmy Carter as his hero, offering hope to his evolving self. Set in the suburbs of Washington DC, Ireland, Boston and New Hampshire, the story is about Manfred's foibles as he journeys through high school, a semester at college and a stint working in Carter's re-election campaign. Even though Carter's political journey ends in failure, the impact of his brief venture into American politics leaves a lasting influence on his emotional development.

The Trump Effect

2. Day of the Dove and Trump Tweets
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2017 Podcasts: Notes from a Ginger...Trump and current politics

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